72-Hour Kit Family Home Evening Lessons

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72-hour Kit FHEs

Creating your 72-Hour Kit, or Grab-n-Go kits, can be overwhelming. When Donna and I started our company, we knew that we needed to make it easy and then have a fun way to create your 72-Hour Kits that involved the entire family. We have broken the steps down into 4 weeks and have paired the steps along with four 72-Hour Kit Family Home Evening Lessons.

Each Family Home Evening Lesson includes song, lesson, activity and treat ideas.

The file includes Four Family Home Evening Lessons and handouts that cover the following items:


Putting together individual backpacks
Completing individual backpacks & gathering/inventorying family equipment
Putting together 72 hours worth of food
Holding a disaster drill
Putting together Car Kit and Work Kit (small versions of 72 hour kit)



Price: $7

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We also have a comprehensive Family Emergency Binder available you will find helpful as you and your family become more prepared.

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