Ann Romney Shares 8 Things You Should Know

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On Friday May 2, 2014, my daughter graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Graphic Design.  Talk about a proud parent moment!  So happy to see her hard work pay off.  Ann Romney was the Commencement speaker and shared with the graduates (and their parents) eight things you should know.  I have admired her for many years as a mother, Multiple Sclerosis advocate and the best First Lady that didn’t happen.  The things she shared made me admire her even more.  I hope you can find something in this list that will help you and your family Prosper! Ann-Romney1

Ann Romney Southern Utah University Graduation May 2, 2014 (paraphrased and my thoughts added)

  • Knowledge gained in college may remain foggy but friendships can be bright. Ann shared how she has lasting friendships because she has taken time to continue to cultivate them and keep in touch with friends.  She shared that education is important but relationships matter more.
  • If you want to achieve success do a favor for someone else.  Ann said you never know when a favor you do for someone can come back to you.  I know from my own experience that I remember how others made me feel when they helped me and those who helped me along the way, I want to pay back.
  • Success in the future starts with doing your current job well.  If you want a promotion, do what you do NOW well.  If you don’t do it well now, you won’t advance.  Success must be earned.
  • Parenting is the most important thing in life and the hardest.  I would have to agree with this one.  She raised 5 boys… I can only imagine how much work Ann had to do to stay sane.
  • Don’t judge other people or judge yourself as the only one going through problems.  Everyone has problems and even though their problems are not the same as your problems, theirs might be harder.  She reminded us to not be hard on ourselves, either.  It is easy to get down on ourselves at times but we should try to remember that helping others can get us through our own trias.
  • Life a purpose-driven life. An abundant life is a life lived for others. Things don’t bring happiness.  She shared the story of Tom Monaghan, the former owner of Domino’s Pizza and the Detroit Tigers.  She shared that he was very successful and wealthy, but found that it wasn’t things that were making him happy.  He sold Domino’s and the Tigers and other items he owned and gave most of the money to Catholic charities.  He has found more happiness in giving to that cause than anything he ever bought.
  • Do something you love everyday for one hour.  Ann shared that she played tennis and loved whacking the tennis ball… and that it helped her so she wasn’t whacking her kids.  Find something you love and do it everyday for one hour.  Some might take a bath and read in the tub, others might quilt, or scrapbook or watch their favorite show, or garden.  Whatever your little indulgence is, take the time to do it daily and don’t feel guilty.
  • The Bible works so do what it says.  Ann believes the Bible to be true but she said that if you don’t believe it was inspired of God, you have to agree that it was written by some of the greatest philosophers that ever lived.  She shared that “do unto others” and “love your neighbor” are the best ways to live.

She closed by encouraging the graduates of Southern Utah University to make choices to give you lasting friendships, enjoy earned success and this would create enduring happiness.

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