Coupon Myths

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I have been a student of using coupons since I was just a young’un, learning from my mother. She used to use coupons at the grocery store when I was growing up. I used them off and on over the years but have been a regular user for about 10 years now. There are some coupon myths out there that you should know are not true.

1. Coupon Myth #1 – Coupons are only for expensive items – FALSE

I watch sale prices to maximize my savings. Around Christmas, crackers are always on sale due to the entertaining that people do. Manufacturers then put out the coupons to advertise their products. I found Nabisco crackers on sale for $1.66 a box. I had a coupon for $.75 off of two and that make the boxes $1.29 each. I was able to stock up on crackers for healthy snacking for the winter months.

2. Coupon Myth #2 – It costs too much to get the Sunday paper just for coupons and I don’t want to pay for them – FALSE

Depending where you live, you can get the Sunday paper for less than $2 a week. With $40-$100 in coupons in each paper, your savings is completely off-set.  There are also numerous ways to get coupons for free, by liking the company on Facebook or by going to websites.

3. Coupon Myth #3 – It takes too much time to use coupons and it isn’t worth the money – FALSE

Once you are organized with a method for storage, you should spend approximately one to two hours per week to clip and organize coupons and to look through the ads. To save at least $20 in coupons and stacking them with sale prices, that means you paid yourself $10 per hour for work. Not too shabby when you can do the work from home and on your time table.

Let me know if you have other issues with using coupons and let’s see if we can de-bunk those thoughts as well!
Happy Shopping… Lisa 😀

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