Fast Menu Ideas for College-Aged Kids

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Last fall I sent one son off to college and the other off into his own apartment since he started working full-time (WOO HOO! EMPTY NEST) and they both asked for some menu ideas and recipes they liked with the shopping list. I created a simple menu list called College Cooking List that they both used. Now I am getting ready to send one of them off on a LDS Church Mission to North Dakota for two years and he asked me to give him a list of Fast Meals that he could make. Missionaries just don’t have a lot of free time to menu plan so they need to prepare and eat fast, from what I understand. I took their favorite recipes and created two types of lists. I took most of the recipes from my Master Menu List that our family created years ago.

If you want to prevent this:










Might I suggest you make up lists like these with THEIR favorite recipes. Even better… send them some ingredients (nothing in glass jars) so that they can make their favorite meal tonight!

Download the lists by clicking below:

Fast Meals

College Cooking List


Lisa 😀

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  1. Lynette
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    I have a question about the LDS family fued game, but couldn’t find anywhere to leave a comment or question. Could you tell me where I can do that please?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      I’m happy to answer any questions you have. You have to scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of the comments on the game page and then there is a place to leave a comment.

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