Feed 5 for $50

Price: $200.00
Sale: $97.00

Product Description

"Feed A Family of Five for Only $50!" is the #1 selling household management software on the market. When money is tight, the first thing you trim is your food budget. And with gas prices now eating into your wallet, your food pantry is even more strained. Prospering Families can help. Our Feed Five for Fifty program will teach you the basic skills to get more from your food budget and still eat well. You’ll learn how to create a plan, shop smart, and still have money in your budget for household supplies. With a little practice, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars a month.

Product Features
  • Instructions to create a Prepared Pantry™ (20-30 meals from your pantry)
  • Drag-n-drop menu planning
  • Weekly shopping list creation
  • Month-by-month preparedness steps
  • Recipes from Cook’n™ recipe software
  • Virtual shopping trip to learn basics
  • Organizational worksheets and checklists
  • And so much more

In addition, this software includes a variety of resources for in-depth emergency preparedness—so your family will prosper no matter what the world throws at you. You’ll learn strategies like:

  • Why it’s important to figure out what your family eats on a regular basis
  • How shopping with your family’s master shopping list will save you a TON of time & money
  • How to set up a family budget and even reduce your debts on your own
  • How couponing really works
  • How to avoid the biggest shopping mistakes commonly made
  • Where to find great resources both locally and online