Freezer Meals – Shopping

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Shopping in bulk is a great way to get your freezer meals going.

* Do not freeze in the original package – Put into Freezer Ziploc bags
* Portion meats into your family’s serving sizes – The weight you use for recipes – Most of the time I freeze in 1 pound portions
* Chicken breasts can be frozen on a cookie sheet so that they don’t freeze together – then put the frozen breasts in Ziploc bags

* Put in bags and take all the air out – lay flat

* Buy in bulk and then portion out into 1 pound packages

* Will become mushy when reconstituted, but can be used in sauces and smoothies

Here is a great site I found that gives you everything you need for freezer meals, including the shopping list if you are a Costco shopper.  These are Gluten Free as well!  Thanks 5 Dollar Dinners!

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