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Food Storage. The two words that usually gives one the glazed-eye look and images of wheat and powdered milk start running through the mind. There are those who think Doomsday or the Zombie Apocalypse are the reasons you should have food storage. Maybe so (well, not the Zombie attack), but, we have witnessed and experienced very good reasons within the last 10 years of WHY you should have a food storage system in place.

Three BIG Reasons:

1. You Need Food Storage In Times of Natural Disaster

The grocery stores will not be stocked, nor possibly even open, to get the food you need to sustain life.  You need to be able to survive for 72 Hours in a crisis before major help is on the way. We have seen that with the huge snowstorm that hit the East Coast in 2014 and with hurricane Katrina back in 2005.  Both Donna & I have had our water systems in our cities in question during the past six months and we had to use our stored water because Walmart was wiped out of water!

2. You Need Food Storage In Uncertain Economic Times

Our family has experienced job loss TWICE in the past few years. We relied on our “food storage” to help us bridge the gap between jobs.

3. You Need Food Storage For Those Crazy Days

The days where the kids have to be a three different places at the same time and you are volunteering or working all day and then come home and at 7 pm, realize you do not have anything in the house to make for dinner so it is McDonald’s once again.

What is Food Storage and How Can You Make it Fun?

Food storage means long-term, like 10+ years. Let’s face it, you probably won’t be in the same house and your family won’t look the same in 10 years. We don’t like the term Food Storage because it also gives the impression that the items just sit in storage and are not used. Since food you purchase is meant to be used, we have taken away the word “storage” and we have coined the phrase “Prepared Pantry”.

What is a Prepared Pantry?

A Prepared Pantry is what every family can have – two weeks of groceries and supplies in your home to use.  My Prepared Pantry does not look like Donna’s Prepared Pantry. Our families are different and have different likes and tastes. Some of the basics are the same, but the staples of our meals are different.  A Prepared Pantry also includes long-term storage items, but they are rotated into the menu to use and taste, to know if they should be included in your own Prepared Pantry.

I created my Prepared Pantry by taking our software, Feed A Family of 5 for Only $50!, and entering in the top 20 meals my family likes to eat on a regular basis. The software then produces my grocery list, and I go shopping.  I stock up when items are on sale to build my Prepared Pantry each time I go shopping. I started with the goal of two weeks and then moved to a 30 day plan. I can safely say I now have three months of meals on-hand.  You can purchase our software as a download HERE. Then you, too, can get started on your Prepared Pantry – which in turn means you are having fun with food storage!


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