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Having Fun with Food Storage – which we are calling your “Prepared Pantry” – starts with one week of food and supplies.  You will then build on it every shopping trip that you take. This does NOT mean you will shop more often; it means that when you shop, you will be building your Prepared Pantry as well as doing your regular shopping.

1. Purchase multiple items at low prices for later use.

If you have spaghetti once a month, instead of purchasing one package when you go to the store, you will purchase three, when you can get them for a low price. It may not even be the same time you have it on your menu.

2. Know your personal price point.

You purchase these items on a regular basis for your meals so you should know when something is a good price (buy one) or a great price (buy multiple). If you don’t know, start a Price Point worksheet or notebook so that you can keep track.

3. Not one store ALWAYS has the best prices but, some stores will price match.

You need to check with your local store manager on the policies and procedures for price matching. They can vary from store-to-store and state-to-state. Plan on one store for your main trip each time you go (if you shop weekly or monthly) and then, stack your other shopping trips for stores that have just a couple of items with your errands. You should not be shopping at five stores every week – your gas bill will off-set any savings.

4. Use your resources.

We have discussed shopping strategies before – manufacturer’s coupons, shopping Apps for your Smartphone, rebates and others. Don’t forget to use them.

Share with us your shopping strategies that you have used to build your Prepared Pantry.

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