LDS Family Feud Game Template

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LDS Family Feud Game Template



I created this LDS Family Feud Game Template for a combined YM/YW activity.  It was a LOT of work, but oh so worth it!  We have over 70 active youth in our ward and they had a blast.  The noise level was at epic proportions last night!  Which is always a great sign that your efforts were worth it.  I’m just grateful I had Advil in my purse.;)


I created this activity from scratch.  I put in over 20 hours to come up with survey questions, create the surveys, get ward members to answer the surveys, torture the data, find a template to use, and edit the template with all of our questions and answers.  I thought more people would play it if the work was already done – so feel free to use some or all of what I have created.  This game has ALL the bells and whistles!  Sounds, visuals, music.  It’s a blast!


I found the original Family Feud game template at Youth Downloads.  He gives the Family Feud game template away for free, but asks for a donation.  So if you want to start from scratch. I recommend downloading his and making a donation directly to him.  If you are interested in ours where the work is already done, this is where it’s at.  We will give Youth Downloads $1 of every purchase we receive on our site.  Once you download from either site, I HIGHLY recommend you got to Youth Downloads to see the instructions for editing the Family Feud game template.  If you are a regular MS PowerPoint user, it will be simple and you’ll be able to see what to do just by opening the document, but for those that might be intimidated by PowerPoint, Youth Downloads’ instructions are great.


If you want to start from scratch, here is how I made it work:

Questions I had all the YW presidency leaders come up with 10 questions each about 1 month before the activity so we’d have time to get responses.
Surveys I used Survey Monkey to create the surveys.  Their free plan is perfect for this activity.  You can add 10 questions per survey and get 100 responses.
“100 people surveyed the top 5 answers on the board”
Responses Our ward has a closed group on Facebook and so I posted links for each round asking for responses.
I then went into each auxiliary one Sunday with handouts that had the links to the surveys for those that weren’t on Facebook.
I heard that most families filled out the surveys as part of a Family Home Evening activity and had a blast.
I easily got 100 responses for rounds 1 and 2, but I only had about 87 for round 3 and 79 for round 4.  I didn’t want to harass ward members
again, so I turned to my LDS friends on Facebook.  I shared the links there and I was able to get the rest of the responses within a few days.
Funny Story About That:
A friend of mine emailed me excitedly letting me know she shared the surveys with some of her co-workers that are LDS (and bishops).
I thanked her for doing that and helping me out.  About two hours later she emailed me again apologizing for her co-workers’ answers.
Apparently, they had a little too much fun since it was anonymous and it wasn’t for their ward.   Those darn Bishops!  I have to admit,
although wildly inappropriate for a mutual activity, they were great for the adult group date I set up to practice, and it gave me a good chuckle
while torturing the data.
Data Torturing After I got the responses, I had to copy and paste all the responses into MS Excel, sort the information, then subtotal the responses.
Before I could sort though, I had to edit responses so they would subtotal properly.  People would put in the same answer just worded
differently.  (ie.  egg, an egg, a fragile egg, etc.)
They all mean egg, but they would all subtotal as different answers so I would edit the “an egg” and “a fragile egg” to “egg” so I knew exactly
how many responses were actually “egg”.  The same thing applied for misspellings – believe it or not, not everyone knows how to spell Malachi,
Helaman, Jerusalem, or Galilee.  🙂
This was the most time consuming part of the activity – but if you are number cruncher like I am, it was actually fun.  However, most
people are not, and so that is why I thought people might like this turn-key option.


Here are some screen shots of the LDS Family Feud game template:

Editing screen shot:

Free LDS Family Feud Game Template Screen Shot











Playing screen shots:


Family Feud Screen Shot 2














Answers to Something Youth do at EFY

Family Feud Screen Shot 3















I originally had 45 questions, narrowed it down to 38, and then we only got through 29 before we ran out of time for the activity.

Here are the questions we used and what is included in your download:

Family Feud Questions
Question Answers Topic
1 Top 5 Answers Something you might do to become a sumo wrestler
2 Top 3 Answers Name a movie character that could be an Apostle
3 Top 6 Answers Something that scares the average person
4 Top 4 Answers Name a favorite Disney movie
5 Top 7 Answers Something you would see at a bullfight
6 Top 8 Answers Name a kind of cheese
7 Top 6 Answers Something Joseph Smith is famous for
8 Top 8 Answers What moms really want on mother’s day
9 Top 1 Answer Favorite primary song
10 Top 7 Answers Worst household chore
11 Top 6 Answers Something people do while driving
12 Top 2 Answers Worst subject in school
13 Top 8 Answers List a topic in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet
14 Top 7 Answers Name a place in the Bible
15 Top 7 Answers Name Something Mormons think about
16 Top 3 Answers Name one of the Seven Dwarfs
17 Top 6 Answers A phrase that starts with prime
18 Top 6 Answers Name something you hold very carefully
19 Top 6 Answers Name something Utah is famous for
20 Top 8 Answers Name something people tend to save
21 Top 6 Answers Something two people can ride
22 Top 8 Answers Something youth do at EFY
23 Top 7 Answers Famous Mormons
24 Top 5 Answers Something you can identify under the hood of a car
25 Top 5 Answers Favorite band instrument
26 Top 5 Answers Something teenagers talk to each other about
27 Top 6 Answers Food found at a Mormon potluck
28 Top 8 Answers Favorite phone app
29 Top 6 Answers Name a temple outside of Utah
30 Top 4 Answers Famous dog names
31 Top 3 Answers Book of Mormon heroes
32 Top 5 Answers Name a fruit you’d never buy just one of
33 Top 6 Answers Cheap date ideas
34 Top 5 Answers Reasons to roll up your car window
35 Top 1 Answer Something found in a scripture case
36 Top 7 Answers Name one place the pioneers stayed on they way out west
37 Top 6 Answers Favorite sandwich
38 Top 4 Answers Name one value from the YW’s theme


I wanted to make sure the game worked and my idea to get over 70 youth through the game so everyone got a turn would work.  So I set up a game night with about 15 adult couples in our ward for a fun date night at the church.  We set up the projector, used game buzzers, and worked out the kinks.  I asked each couple to bring a snack to share.  We set the food table up behind the chairs. HUGE mistake.  We had to keep calling the menfolk away from the snack table to play. Next time, we’ll just put the snack table in front of the five immediate male players. 😀  Overall, it was a great group date night!


Price: $5

  • Remember that we will send Youth Downloads $1 of every purchase since we are using their template (with permission).
  • After You click on “Continue”, you will be asked to click “Get Download Link” and you will be emailed a link to download the file.
  • Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it.
  • We are finding it can take up to 30 minutes for the link to come once PayPal processes the payment.
  • You will receive an email from Prospering Families (
  • If you don’t receive the email within 30 minutes, please email to have the link resent to you.


LDS Family Feud Game Template


Thanks!  We hope you enjoy the game!  If you are looking for a fun LDS game, check out our Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character game.





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  1. Glen
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    This is awesome!! Thank you for putting it together and making it available. We’ll be using it for some upcoming activities,

  2. Rachael
    | Reply

    Just downloaded the file but it isn’t working. Slides come up but don’t advance and all the answers just show up immediately on the page in play mode. Any suggestions? I would like to use it tomorrow if possible. Thanks!!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Thanks for the email clarifying you are using a Mac. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make this work on a Mac.

  3. charla
    | Reply

    Will this work on a samsung tablet?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Charla – it is a PowerPoint so if you have that program capabilities on the tablet, then it will work.


  4. Megan
    | Reply

    Hi there-

    The directions “After You click on “Continue”, you will be asked to click “Get Download Link” and you will be emailed a link to download the file” never happened for me and I have only seen a payment confirmation…help!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Megan, Yesterday I emailed you the link to both emails (the one you used to purchase the software and the one you entered here on the site for your comment). Please check your junk/spam folders and let me know if you have received any of the emails yet. Thanks.

  5. Olivia Johnston
    | Reply

    Hi I also paid at the pay pal but there wasn’t any download link it just redirected me to the same page. Hopefully I can get it figured out before tomorrow for my class!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Thank you for purchasing the game. You should have received an email from with the Link. Please check your spam folder. I am also sending it to you again via email. Please let me know you received it. Thanks!

  6. Randy
    | Reply

    I’m trying to purchase this for our youth conference coming up next week. When I tried to purchase it timed out. Is there a better way to purchase?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Thanks for your interest in purchasing the game. I’ve checked and PayPal appears to be down. I’ve never seen PayPal down before. Will you please try again later today? Thanks!

  7. Michelle
    | Reply

    How did you organize it for 70 youth to play?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      We had chairs in two columns. Five chairs per row. So 10 across with an aisle. Each row got a turn being a “family” for the family feud. So one question. If they didn’t have a chance to participate, they would stay and those that did went back to their row. We were able to get all youth through the game at least twice and most of them at least three times. By the end it was mayhem and we just called whomever wanted to come up to come up. I hope that is clear enough.

  8. Brandon
    | Reply

    I downloaded it and it works on my mac and samsung tablet! I’m very excited to try it out for a combined activity and a family reunion! I also found an app you can download that acts like a buzzer and it rings on a common Wi-Fi network that way you know who buzzed in first.

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind letting us know which buzzer app you are using?

    • Kathy
      | Reply

      How did you get it to work on an iPad?

      • ProFam
        | Reply

        I have never tried. I’m a PC girl and use Microsoft products (Publisher for this game). I have had others say that they have successfully used it on their iPad using the Mac equivalent to Publisher, but I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is.

  9. Sherry
    | Reply

    Can you edit this version? Add different questions and answers

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Yes! You can completely edit it the file. You can rearrange the order, delete the ones that are in there, add more, etc.

  10. Kacey
    | Reply

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Best five bucks I ever spent. Thank you for saving my mutual less activity tonight!!!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      I am so happy to hear that! Yay!

  11. Becky Abreu
    | Reply

    I don’t have a PayPal account. Do you also take visas?
    Thank you,
    Becky Abreu

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase the game. You do have to use the PayPal portal though. Once you click on it, it will ask if you have a PayPal account, select no and it will ask you to enter your credit card information. You’ll then receive the link to download the game via email. Thanks!

  12. Jill
    | Reply

    Thank you!!! Love love love this! I do have a quick question. So if I ask the question and they buzz in and give me an answer which is on the board how do I know that is the correct answer since they are all covered? Do I need to go through all the questions first and write down all the answers so that I know when to uncover the correct one they give?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Yay! So happy to hear that. What I do is I go into File> Print> Setting>
      Under Settings Select the following options:
      Print All Slides
      Print 4 Slides Horizontal (instead of the default of FULL PAGE SLIDES)
      This way it will print the slides with the answers showing so you know which number to click on to reveal the answer.
      Then select print. You’ll have all the answers showing by question for you to use.
      Don’t worry about the delay while you look it up, it’s just like a reality show while you wait to hear what the answer is. 🙂 I hope that helps!

  13. Lee Miller
    | Reply

    Did you use a projector to show the game up on a screen? Does it come with instructions on running the game/program? I’m not that computer savvy!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Hi, yes I used a projector to play the game so everyone could see the answers. There are instructions in the program, but if you run into any issues, please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll walk you through things. Just email Thanks!

      • Lee Miller
        | Reply

        I will be ordering the game tomorrow. If I download it to my desktop to edit/add questions, can I download it again to a laptop to use at Stake Center?

        • ProFam
          | Reply

          Absolutely, that is just fine. Thanks for asking! We hope the game is a smashing success!

          • Lee Miller

            Does the game keep track of the points per team? I can’t seem to make it do that.

          • ProFam

            Unfortunately, it does not. They are just there for looks. We used a chalkboard and a scorekeeper to keep track.

  14. Kim Pope
    | Reply

    I have the 2016 version of Power Point yet when I download the file it comes up blank. I also get an error message that says there is no program associated with the file. Do you have any quick suggestions on how to make it work as I need it for tomorrow night?

    Thank you in advance for your help
    Kim Pope

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      I have not seen that before. I’m going to email you a new link, if it doesn’t work please call me ASAP. My phone number will be in the email. Thanks!

  15. Irene
    | Reply

    Hi! Is there a way to edit team names and add scores to them after each round? (where is says “0 TEAM 1”)

    Thanks! Love this idea. We appreciate your hard work!

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Hi! Thanks for your questions. Unfortunately, you can’t change either element. It’s there for aesthetics only. We have used a white board or chalk board at the front of the room with someone acting as scorekeeper.

  16. Marci
    | Reply

    I entered my email and tried to click on the “continue” button to go to paypal and it just gave me the following message:

    Server reply is incorrect! Please contact administrator!

    just wondering if you have any suggestions….

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      I think it must have been a fluke. I’ve tried it several times now and have been able to get in. Please try again and if it doesn’t work, please contact me and we’ll do a workaround for you.

  17. Randall Ozaki
    | Reply

    I recently downloaded your family feud game to my surface pro. everything looks great however the answers show up on the screen, is there something that I need to do to chance that. Thanks

  18. Randall Ozaki
    | Reply

    it started working. Worth the 5 bucks. Thanks

  19. Erin
    | Reply

    can I change some of the questions?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Absolutely! This is your game now. Add/remove/change/change question order as you deem necessary. If you need help doing it, please feel free to email me at and I can make the changes for you or talk you through how to do it.

  20. Tracy
    | Reply

    I just purchased the template, how ever it said I need to purchase “office”, did you have to do that or is there another way?

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      You do need to have Microsoft PowerPoint to run the game.

  21. Crystal
    | Reply

    I just purchased this game. I have Microsoft PowerPoint. I cannot get the link to download, open, or save. Any advice? I’ve tried everything I can think of.

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      Hi Crystal. The link automatically downloads onto your computer without doing anything. Is the link in your downloads folder? Please email me directly at with your phone and I will walk you through it.

  22. N. Palmer
    | Reply

    I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did on this! I sat down to try and figure out how to “build” one and found this on pinterest. Thank you for saving me hours of work. 🙂

    • ProFam
      | Reply

      You are so very welcome!

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