Master Menu Plan Step 2 – Weekly Dinner List

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Now that you have created a master list, you can plan out your Dinner List for the next few weeks.  Decide which meals fit into your schedule and make a Dinner List.  This is how I do mine.DSC07253


You can put them in a calendar format as well, but I find that by making a Dinner List, I can then cross off the meal once I have prepared it, like this:DSC07254

Even though they are listed by day, I change them around as I want to.   Last night my boys felt that they wanted the twice baked potatoes instead of Taco Bake, so that is what we did.  I like the list format for greater flexibility.  Sometimes a meal needs to be prepared on a certain day, based on the schedule.  I have more time on Sunday to make a bigger meal, so those don’t usually change.

Now that I have this dinner list.  I then make my shopping list, based on the items I need to prepare these meals.  I check my pantry, I look at the ads to see what is on sale, look through my coupons to see what I can get with those as well and then I try to hit just one grocery store for the majority of the items.  Sometimes they don’t have what I need, so I will need to make a quick stop at a second location.

After the shopping is done, then for the food preparation that makes dinner time go even smoother!  More to come…

Lisa 😀

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