Master Menu Plan Step 4 – Let’s Go Shopping!

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Let’s Go Shopping!! Those three words can cause the pit of your stomach to drop.  We all must go shopping at one point or another so let’s make it most effective.

* Be Prepared – Plan Ahead

You need to now take your ingredient list from your master menu plan and compare it to the ads that come each week.  I vary the stores I go to depending on the ads and the overall amount of items I need to purchase.  I do not shop at every store every week but if there are just a few things at one store and a lot at another, I will pick one store and do that one first.  Then, during the week, if I happen to be going out to run errands, I can hit the other store.  Better yet, I ask my hubby to stop at that store on his way home and pick up the items I need.

One concern people bring up is that they like to do from-scratch cooking, rather than buying processed foods.  An example of this is pasta.  You can buy the boxed pasta or, if you do make pasta from scratch, you still need the ingredients on hand to make it.  You can stock up on your flour, salt and other items you use to make it.  We know that fresh is always better, but we are talking about time-saving techniques here.  I would love to cook from scratch every single night, but as a busy wife and mother, I like having items ready to go, that I can pull together quickly.

Also, look at the store policies near you – some stores will price-match other stores’ ads.  Each store has a different policy as some will match exact brands, and others are a bit more lenient.  Go to the customer service desk and ask for your store policy.

Some tips for shopping trips

1. Never go shopping when hungry
2. Avoid shopping with kids (this can be tough, but if you plan it right, you can find someone to help)
3. ALWAYS have a list and stick to it

Next up, some Shopping Strategies to save money at the grocery store.

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