Donna Connor

A wife, mother, serial entrepreneur, water fitness instructor, and avid reader (read borderline addict – there is a book in every room of the house so she’s never without one), Donna is never idle. She knows that Prospering Families is her calling in life, and she approaches each client with that in mind. With a background in accounting, Donna loves working with families to help them get out of debt quickly. She loves seeing the faces of clients as they realize it IS possible - and not as far into the future as they feared. When she isn’t working, or getting dragged around by Lisa, you can usually find her in the pool or with her nose in a book.

Lisa Anderson

Lisa is a wife, mother, volunteer, entrepreneur and lover of reality TV. She knows when life gives you lemons you should throw them right back at life and move on. Growing up in Michigan she learned the masterful art of coupon shopping and rebates from her mother. She has now taken all those skills and dragged Donna along with her to help others learn how to be more prepared for those bumps in the road. One of those bumps was being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. Through organization and preparedness, her family has never gone hungry or naked (thank heavens). Teaching others to fish (okay, shop. She hates fish) and watching them take the skills they have learned to help their families is one of her greatest joys. Especially when those "others" are her four children.