Saving MORE Money on Groceries

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I am all about saving money on groceries.  I do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. My husband likes when I spend LESS at the grocery store
  2. I like when I spend the SAME amount of money at the grocery store but get TWICE as many groceries! (which, then, my husband likes too)

Most people know to do the two following things:

* Watch the Ads for the stores

* Use manufacturer’s coupons

Another GREAT way to save even more money is to use Free Grocery Apps.  Two that I use regularly are:

  1. Target’s Cartwheel
  2. ibotta


cartwheelTarget’s Cartwheel App is a scanner that you use while in the store. I scan all the items I purchase and then, if there is a savings on it, it goes into the list on my phone. Then at the register, they scan the barcode from my phone (but make sure you have a bright screen, or it won’t work) and the savings comes off of my final price.



ibottaI have been using the App, ibotta, for a few months now.  It is also a scanner app to use while in the store.  It is a really great tool that pays you for purchasing groceries. The nice thing about this App is that I can look at the items they have listed while at home, and then I can stack the savings on with coupons and sales at the grocery store. There are bonuses available too for adding people to your team and when they redeem rebates, team members can add on to their cash back.  If you want to join my team, go here Then, when I save, you can save too!







Piggy BankSo here’s what happened when I went to Target a week ago.  I had my grocery list which included sales items, I had manufacturer’s coupons and used both the Cartwheel App and ibotta App.  My total before any savings was $48. With sales it was $42. I had $3 in manufacturer’s coupons,   The Cartwheel App took off $2 from my final bill and $3.50 CASH back from ibotta. I saved $16.50 all for grocery items I was going to buy anyway!

I would love to hear about any other Apps you use to save money at the grocery store – and tell me if these two tools work for you – Happy Shopping!

Lisa 😀

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