Are you ready for Thanksgiving Day?

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Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Here are a couple tips to get you going…


What do do when the guests start arriving but the food isn’t “quite” ready when it should be? – Have appetizers ready!

I LOVE this photo from the Dating Divas! Fun-Thanksgiving-Trays

* Fruit Tray

* Veggie Tray

* Cheese Ball

I also suggest Nuts to have on hand – you can talk about the “Nuts” all day and no one will know if you are talking about the food or the relatives 😉


There are kids EVERYWHERE! How do I keep them out of the kitchen?

– Have easy crafts ready to do!

* Gather coloring books and crayons (or have white butcher paper on tables and let the kids decorate the dinner table

* Have the kids make a “gift” for each guest – Try pony beads on pipe cleaners to make bracelets for guests.

You can find those cheap at WalMart (beads, pipe cleaners) or JoAnn Fabrics (beads, pipe cleaners).

Just make sure those children who still like to put things in their mouths are not near the beads.

Below are a few examples you can do:

Very simple even for younger children

A bit more advanced
A bit more advanced
Let the kids get creative will all kinds of beads
Let the kids get creative will all kinds of beads




Have a great Thanksgiving, Ya’ll!

Lisa 😀

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